Get Ready for an Epic Tuber Sale in Late February!!!

January 2024 update: the Big Dig has concluded, the shiny new Roving Radish shed is bursting at the seams with tubers, and I am working diligently to get all 3000 clumps rinsed, inspected, divided, and counted (all of this is done by hand, by me).

Please note that the dahlias listed in the shop today do not represent what will be available at opening. A few of the varieties previously offered were lost in the 2021 flood, but I will be updating the site with new varieties (over 200!) gradually until sales go live in late February.

If you would like to be notified when the shop is about to open, please follow us on Instagram @rovingradish and sign up for my email list using the form below. (You’ll only get emails about tuber shop openings and restocks unless you check the other boxes.) Thank you for supporting my little farm, and I wish you all a joyous 2024!



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