Welcome to Roving Radish Flower Farm’s 2024 Tuber Sale!

As of April 30, 2024, all mail orders have shipped and local orders are ready for pickup at Seaview Farm Stand. Growing instructions have been added to the site (see tab above). The store is currently closed while I take stock of remaining inventory. I may offer some bulk “growers choice” boxes for shipping later in May — but in the interests of getting my own field planted, online sales of individual tubers are closed for the season. Thank you all so much for your support! Local customers will be able to purchase individual tubers in person at Seaview Farm Stand later in the month. 


Sale Info and Terms

Certain varieties are in very high demand and will sell out quickly. This is inevitably going to cause some frustration and disappointment at checkout, and I am so sorry for that. Keep in mind that items in your cart are not “reserved” for you until you check out. If there is a variety you are desperate to acquire, I recommend putting it in your cart and checking out immediately, then coming back to place the rest of your order. I offer combined shipping for a $2 fee per order (to cover PayPal fees and labor time). If you miss out on one you really wanted, don’t despair: I will be restocking the store in late March or early April with both new varieties and more inventory of existing varieties, after I’ve finished processing all the tubers and had a chance to see how things came through storage. Email list subscribers will receive another notification when the store has been restocked.

I want you to be 100% happy with your order! All of my tubers are guaranteed to be true to name and to have at least one viable eye. If a tuber is mislabeled or fails to sprout, let me know before the end of the season and I will offer a refund or replacement. I did not test for virus last season, but am diligent about sanitizing tools and culling any plants with poor growth or questionable foliage. Each plant is cared for by hand, by me, and monitored closely.

Please open your package and inspect your tubers immediately — any issues with the condition of the tubers on arrival must be reported within three days of receipt. Many will be already sprouting, and they cannot sit for long periods in their packaging.

Every year, despite my best efforts, a few varieties succumb to storage issues. When this happens I refund the customers who ordered that variety and add them to a preference list if I am able to offer it again the next season.

Shipping Policy

Your tubers will be shipped in USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes, which minimizes transit times and allows for package tracking. Shipping prices are based on how many tubers I can fit in each size of box. My fee structure maxes out at $32, so customers who order more than 35 tubers (ie multiple boxes worth) will be getting a break on the actual cost to ship.

1-2 tubers: $10.40 (small flat rate box)

3-18 tubers: $18.40 (medium flat rate box)

19-35 tubers: $24.75 (large flat rate box)

More than 35 tubers (multiple boxes): $32.00

I am happy to combine shipping on multiple orders going to the same address. Note that shipping refunds will be calculated and processed manually when your order leaves the farm, and that there is a $2 processing charge for each combined order to cover the PayPal fees and labor time.

Tubers ship in mid to late April once the weather is safe for dahlia travel. I cannot offer early shipping this year due to an upcoming back surgery (to address the consequence of planting and digging too many dahlias!). Local customers may choose to pick up their order at Seaview Farm Stand in Rockport, MA instead of having it shipped. If you have a Cape Ann zip code, the website will automatically assume that this is your plan and will not add shipping to your order. Those from outside Cape Ann who prefer to pick up at the farm should add a note to that effect at checkout so I can refund your shipping charge. You will receive an email in mid to late April when your tubers are ready to collect.