Our Roots

Roving Radish is a small but irrepressible flower farm staffed entirely by Jessie, who performs the planting, irrigation, soil management, weed control, trellising, harvesting, digging, dividing, floral design, web design, social media, customer service, sales, marketing, and sacrifices to relevant agricultural deities. She does not own any land or machinery, and is driven by a mix of love for the dahlia and extreme personal stubbornness. She rarely sleeps.

The farm got its start as a hodgepodge of community garden plots and donated sections of other peoples’ backyards. These days I tend my herd of 3300+ dahlia plants — over 400 varieties — at historic Seaview Farm in Rockport, MA with the kind permission of farmers Ken and Regina Lane. Cut flowers are available for purchase from August through October at Seaview Farm Stand, at my booth at Rockport Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings, and direct from the field during Sunday afternoon pick your own hours. I also offer a bouquet CSA, wholesale flowers to local florists, local flower delivery, floral design for a limited number of weddings in the summer/fall, and dahlia tuber sales through this website in the winter/spring. Please email me at rovingradishcustomerservice@gmail.com to inquire about any of these things.